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Anyone who denies it is simply a liar. Dreamy eyes, elegant figure, a 1950’s like charm, and a facial structure that would make a stampede of kittens go “Awwww.” To top things off, she released one of the most surprisingly good,  most tragically overlooked EP’s of the year. She’s Angel Deradoorian and her EP is called Mind Raft and you just fell in love, didn’t ya?

Let me give you a little background: Angel Deradoorian resides in Brooklyn, New York. You might recognize her voice from a nifty little band called Dirty Projectors who undoubtedly released the best record of the year (more on that in a future post). She’s one of three female vocalists who provide the flawless clap-on clap-off harmonies on Bitte Orca, freeing main songwriter Dave Longstreth to go absolutely apeshit on the arrangements and lead guitar lines, like some kind of hipster version of Led Zeppelin. It gives the whole band this really weird post-pop feel, while maintaining some presence of modern day R&B.

But what Deradoorian does in her project is different. Instead of going for the eclectic “impressive for the sake of impressive” arrangements that catapulted Dirty Projectors to hipster superstardome earlier this year, she opts for more skeletal, electronic based production, letting her voice do all the work; and what a beautiful voice it is. Deradoorian takes the kind of croon typically reserved for smoke-filled piano clubs in the 1920’s and transfers it effortlessly to 21st century music.

Did I mention she’s gorgeous?

Do yourself a favor; go out and get Mind Raft. RIYL: Radiohead, Dirty Projectors, bleep bloop blip, female voices over meticulous electronic beats.