Kevin Max will release his next musical project, Cotes d’ Armor, on April 27 through dPulse Recordings. This project will consist of remixes of songs from his 2009 EP Crashing Gates, as well as some new material harkening back to the 80s bands that inspired him to pick up music. The playful lyrics to new track “On Yer Bike” can be read here, and the nine-minute remix of “Traveler” can be streamed here.

Cotes d' Armor final cover

What can I say about this man? I’ve been a fan of his musical output for years, ever since his former band, dc Talk, inspired my love of music with their 1995 album, Jesus Freak. Last year’s Crashing Gates EP was a very raw collection of apocalyptic rock ‘n’ roll jams, so I’m definitely looking forward to hearing those songs re-envisioned as danceable tracks. Although it will be a rather significant change sonically, this project seems only natural, as those songs had a notable swagger to them anyways. More than anything, I’m always excited to hear Kevin’s amazing voice again.