This is the human side of Kanye West that the media will never acknowledge. According to Kanye’s blog, the day before Christmas, he, his fiance, and his cousin volunteered with L.A. Mission to feed the homeless at a local shelter. Kanye didn’t bother bringing a bunch of cameras with him or trying to publicize the trip, and he didn’t even blog about it until almost two weeks later. It’s really great to see him doing something this helpful and selfless, even as the media constantly demonizes him as an arrogant asshole. The sad part is that most music news sites won’t cover this, because it doesn’t fit nice and tidy with the character they (yes, the media) has created for the Grammy winner.

A local homeless man was quoted as saying, “It was really thrilling to see Kanye West here serving us. I went right up to him and asked for an autograph and he gave it to me with a smile. He really is one of the most genuinely nice people I’ve ever met, except for when I asked for turkey and he told me that ham is the greatest Christmas meat of ALL TIME!”

… I couldn’t help myself. Pictures can be seen below.