The 90s are alive and well.

I’m not talking about Soundgarden’s impending reunion shows after 12 years of inactivity, nor am I talking about Brand New’s bastardization of In Utero with their most recent full-length, Daisy. No, I’m talking about what may very well be the first great release of the new decade.

Texas based rock band Drought has released a self-recorded tape demo, which can be streamed and downloaded for free here. Downloads are available in mp3, FLAC, and a variety of other formats for all the audiophiles out there. Lyrics can also be viewed on the page.

This demo sounds great. The noisy feedback and bluesy guitars ebb and flow under a captivating hiss familiar to anyone who remembers the cassette tapes of fifteen years ago. The opening plucks of “Sacrament pt. I” are reminiscent of Nirvana in the best way possible. If you grew up on any of the great alternative rock classics of the 90s, I highly recommend that you give this band a listen.