The Who

Good thing he didn't die before he got old.

According to Spinner, this year’s Super Bowl Halftime show will feature yet another legendary classic rock act in The Who. As both a writer and a musician, sports rarely appeal to me. While the other black kids in middle school were playing football or basketball, earning them bad ass nicknames, I wrote poetry and listened to Evanescence, earning me the nickname “faggot,” which is significantly less bad ass than I would have liked. Even so, I watch the Super Bowl every year, and not just for the musical performance. I legitimately enjoy the sport and I even have a favorite team (the Carolina Panthers, who will have a shot at the playoffs once we get a quarterback who doesn’t give away balls as easily as Perez Hilton gives away, well, balls).

All that being said, this year’s Super Bowl is shaping up to be one of my favorites in recent memory, and it’s all thanks to the refreshing lack of pop garbage. That’s not to say that all pop is garbage, of course, but there’s a significant amount of it clouding any “mainstream” event. I commend the Super Bowl organizers for reaching out to music veterans for the halftime show recently and keeping the music classy (or should I say classic (HAHAHAHA I’M SO FUNNY!)).