AP Tour Fall Ball 09 Lineup Announced Tuesday, Aug 11 2009 

You might as well call this the “Even Too Shitty For The Glamour Kills Tour” tour. It will be co-headlined by Mayday Parade and The Academy Is… with Set Your Goals, the Secret Handshake, and You Me At Six providing support. I don’t even know how much tickets to this tour will cost but I can already tell you it’s too expensive. If you’re thinking about going to this tour, I suggest you invest your money in a more financially intelligent way, like starting a money lending service for drug addicts. I guarantee, the resulting raping of your wallet will be nothing compared to the raping your ears will get if you attend this tour. Where has real music gone? If you’re some kind of idiot, click here to see when this abomination is coming to a town near you!


Review – Set Your Goals – This Will Be the Death of Us Thursday, Jul 23 2009 

Set Your Goals lives in a very interesting area of the scene. They are big but they are not quite one of the flagship bands yet. 2009 seems to be the best year for a band to put themselves out and try to gain a spot at the forefront of pop-punk. All Time Low have already done it with their new album Nothing Personal (quality aside, All Time Low are, undoubtedly one of the biggest bands in the scene right now). With almost all of the major pop-punk bands releasing albums this year, where does Set Your Goals’ new album, This Will Be the Death of Us, measure up?

First of all, undying fans of pop-punk will probably love this album. Set Your Goals have the interesting ability to mix the softer and harder sides of the genre into one package without a noticeable inconsistency. The bright guitar chords of “Look Closer” combine with the textbook Warped Tour vocals from Matt Wilson and Jordan Brown create a sort of sound that would have made a nice b-side from Blink-182’s last album. On the slightly heavier side of things, the album’s title track features an urgent punk march, a sort of mosh song for kids who don’t really like to mosh. Although it is slightly refreshing to hear the heavier sides, Set Your Goals just doesn’t have the aesthetic to pull off the sound, probably due to the overly-poppy vocals. A nice balance is found on “Equals”, which somehow works, despite the weak ass screams in the bridge.

Despite these bright moments, an album like this needs risks to flourish and Set Your Goals takes way too few. “Like You To Me” sounds like it could have been written by any old punk band off the street. The ridiculously lame Hayley Williams guest spot on “The Few That Remain” drags an already cliche song to the depths of pop-punk hell. Hayley Williams simply does not have the vocal ability to drift away from the uber-pop outfit she normally wears (not to say Set Your Goals can’t get poppy, but they are nowhere near the level of Paramore). “Gaia Bleeds (Make Way for Man)” is practically a crunkcore song and the Chad Gilbert spot on “Out Ethos: A Legacy to Pass On” comes off just as flat as most New Found Glory songs. One risk that does pay off is the instrumental track, “Arrival Notes” featuring gentle guitar picking and pseudo-ambient electric guitar tones. Perhaps on the next album, Set Your Goals can explore this sound further. However, we both know they won’t. They will continue writing the straight-up pop-punk they are known for now.

In the end, I suppose that is where I separate from Set Your Goals. This Will Be the Death of Us is more solid than a lot of pop-punk albums but it remains aimless in its approach, seeking to write songs for a live venue rather than an album. It comes off as a mere collection of songs, rather than a record. It’s what every band is doing nowadays anyway. If on the next record they can direct their sound and explore new avenues, Set Your Goals has the ability to craft a pretty cohesive record. That is not the purpose of Set Your Goals, however. In fact, I would venture to say, at this point, they have no purpose.

Released: July 21st, 2009
Overall score: 5.0/10