Mark Hoppus + Panic! at the Disco Thursday, Aug 13 2009 

According to an article on, Mark Hoppus heard a few demos from the new Panic! at the Disco record and has committed to producing at least one. Mark Hoppus is, far and away, the most overrated producer in the scene right now. Mixing his lazy production techniques with Panic! at the Disco’s regressing sound structure seems like an idea so natural, anyone could have come up with it. This just ups my anti-hype for the new Panic! record (anti-hype is when you’re excited to hear a record that you know will be absolute garbage). Try and catch these two bands on tour in a town near you. It should be a fun time for all.


Ryan Ross’s New Project – The Young Veins Tuesday, Jul 28 2009 

Proving what I already assumed to be true, the new Ryan Ross/Jon Walker project (ex-Panic! at the Disco) has a sound that is miles ahead of Panic’s new material. The band is called The Young Veins and they are continuing the trend found on Panic’s last record, combining catchy pop-rock choruses with Beatles-influenced musical arrangements. On first listen to their sole song, “Change”, it seems as if Ryan Ross is finally writing music for his own voice rather than Brendon Urie’s. Urie’s voice is not bad, per se, but it simply was not a good match for Ross’s more recent musical arrangements. It’s a welcome change, no pun intended, to hear Ross’s music not being overshadowed by Urie’s voice. I think The Young Veins just became my most anticipated album for 2010 (or, perhaps, 2009…).

Ryan Ross Addresses Cocaine Picture Tuesday, Jul 14 2009 

According to an article on, ex-Panic! at the Disco guitarist Ryan Ross addresses a recent picture floating around the net that seems to feature Ross, some chicks, some vodka, and some coke. In the article, Ross claimed that there was a party the night before, he slept on the couch, and when the picture was snapped the next morning, he didn’t even realize there was cocaine on the table. And now, for some in depth commentary:


Cocaine isn’t the kind of thing that “accidentally” slips into a picture like a stranger’s arm or a nipple. For someone who has such a large following of younger kids, Ross knows that his image is very important and part of his lifestyle is making sure he isn’t caught in any compromising situations. Now, maybe I just haven’t been to enough wild, Hollywood parties but, for me, whenever there are hard drugs in my immediate area, I am typically well aware of them. I’ve gotta say though, this is a pretty good cover up story. I mean, no one over the age of sixteen will buy it but, luckily for Ross, his fans don’t get much older than that.