Eminem is as notorious for his beefs as he is for his near perfect rap delivery. One of his most notable opponents is Mariah Carey. In this, the latest chapter, Eminem seems to have had enough. In a style reminiscent of the skill level displayed on The Eminem Show (but not quite at the level of The Marshall Mathers LP), Em blasts both Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, threatening to release pictures and voicemails that will prove the relationship he had with Carey.

It is hard for Eminem not to come out shining in this one. Quite frankly, going after Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon is kind of like shooting fish in a barrel while taking candy from a baby and throwing it at the broadside of a barn. Still, Eminem is at his best when he is pissed off (maybe that is why Relapse sucked so much…) so we can only hope Carey responds. Not only will it give us more of the sharp Eminem from yesteryear, but we may just get to see some noodz of Mariah Carey.