M.I.A. will be releasing her third studio album this summer, or possibly as soon as early spring. A new track, called “THERES SPACE FOR OL DAT I SEE,” was released today through a video posted on her Twitter account.

The 34-year-old artist described the upcoming album to NME as “really odd” and “more musical” than her last two albums. According to a Rolling Stone article, she collaborated with producer Blaqstarr, who “simply makes music that sounds good, and I needed that. I definitely needed to come to music on this album, to make music. I don’t want it to be gimmicky or silly or hipstery.” She promised a mix of singing and rapping: “I just stopped singing on the last one because I put more emphasis into production, so I was more about making beats and sang less on my last album.”

I really enjoy Kala, but the songs feel a bit too repetitive when I’m not in the right mood, so the focus on songs over beats sound really promising. One of the songs apparently features a hook sung by Filipino Verizon workers… Huh. Neat. This album promises to be a really rad summer soundtrack.