In what is one of the coolest projects of the year, Chicago based indie rock outfit, Into It. Over It., have announced the release of Twelve Towns.

so i’ve started my new project. it’s to be called “Twelve Towns”. it will be twelve songs sharing experiences/anecdotes taking place in twelve towns i’ve visited recently.

these songs will be spread through a series of split 7″ records that will be released featuring different close friends as bands and record labels. they will all be limited to 200 (or less) copies and will be available at shows, from both bands and their cooresponding labels.

are you confused yet?

i’ll be announcing these releases gradually, but the first 7″ will be with Bob Nanna & Lauren Lo and will be released on Evil Weevil Records sometime in October. everyone involved is STOKED.

anyway — i appreciate all of the ongoing support. the cd is out and is doing very well. the shows have been a lot of fun and i’m trying to play as many as can. i’ll be adding august dates this week and trying to post some touring plans for the fall.


It is really nice to see musicians taking on big ambitions these days. Hopefully, this project does not end up like The Dear Hunter’s colors albums or Sufjan Stevens’ 50-states project. Although I love hearing about artists willing to experiment with their songwriting like this, I can not help but be disppointed if the project does not go as planned. Still, Into It. Over It. is a solid indie rock band and if they can pull this off, I am almost certain it will be worth the lofty ambitions and inevitable cries of “pretentious” from people who do not believe music still has the ability to do these kinds of things. If you have never checked out Into It. Over It., head to their myspace and give it a listen: