In what could be considered both a win and a loss for the scene, the blogger who leaked Guns N’ Roses’ 2008 mess of an album, Chinese Democracy, has been sentenced to one year’s probation. According to the article from Billboard, Kevin Cohgill plead guilty to leaking the album (as opposed to destroying it to assure no one would ever hear it, I suppose) and will undergo “…two months of home confinement, subject his computers to government scrutiny, and record a public service announcement for the Recording Industry Association of America.” (

Although I really don’t think people should be punished for this kind of thing, I can’t help but take this as a win. The prosecutors were seeking jail time and, for once, a federal judge did not bend to the will of the RIAA. I’d still much rather see a judge sentence Guns N’ Roses for writing such a terrible album.