All the serious face in the world cant convince me to take you seriously, Gabe.

All the "serious face" in the world can't convince me to take you seriously, Gabe.

According to this article, copies of Cobra Starship’s new album Hot Mess are expected to sell 40,000-45,000 units in its debut week. So, everyone give a round of applause to frontman Gabe Saporta, who has finally found what he has always been looking for; money.

You see, Gabe Saporta is the kind of musician I hate. The kind who has legitimate talent as a songwriter and instrumentalist, but instead chooses to give up their sound, ethics, and personality in exchange for a bigger fanbase and a bigger check. Back in the day, jaded emo kids used to call those musicians “sell outs”. As I’ve said before, I am bringing that term back. A lot of hubbub has been made today over my calling Paramore whores. Well, Paramore fans can take solace in the fact that even a whore is better than a sell out, as a whore knows no better than the sell themselves for profit. Gabe Saporta, you should know better.

But, like I said before, I have no hate for a man who wants to get paid. Clearly, he was never in it for the music anyway so why should I care what he does? So, a toast to Gabe Saporta and Cobra Starship. For those of us who won’t be putting our drinks up for this one, here’s a video to relive the glory days of real punk music. Yeah, we may be a bunch of bitter assholes but at least we like good music, right?