Brand New Album Art Tuesday, Aug 4 2009 

Depressing, much?

Depressing, much?

The above is the album art for Brand New’s forthcoming album Daisy. While it could have been a lot worse, there are a few issues I take with the album art. Well, there is really only one issue. If I, like most Brand New fans, have been waiting for this album for three years, I am sure to know what the album art looks like before I go to the store to buy it. Why, then, does the Brand New feel the need to put the album title and their band name on the cover? We are no longer in the 1960’s. Putting album titles and pictures of your band on the cover is neither necessary nor is it cool. Even if they are banking on non-internet savvy people seeing the lettering and buying the album, their is lettering inclused on the packaging. There really is not a point in putting it on the album art and it diminishes what is, otherwise, a fine piece of album art.

The album will be released on September 22nd and the tracklisting is listed below:


1. Vices
2. Bed
3. At the Bottom
4. Gasoline
5. You Stole
6. Be Gone
7. Sink
8. Bought a Bride
9. Daisy
10. In a Jar
11. Noro


New Brand New Single Available To Preview Saturday, Aug 1 2009 

Listen to At The Bottom, the new single from Brand New’s upcoming album, Daisy, here.

And, all together, the internet music community responds with one giant “ehh…”. Maybe this clip does not show the song’s real strength or maybe the single is not reflective of the album’s true quality. Either way, this clip does not impress me at all. It sounds just about as aimless as the live songs we have heard so far. I will withhold judgement until the album leaks but, at this point, it is looking like Daisy is going to be quite a disappointment.

Brand New Back On The Road Wednesday, Jul 29 2009 

With the help of LiveNation, Brand New are hitting the road again, presumably in support of their upcoming new album, Daisy. They will be joined on certain dates by Manchester Orchestra, Thrice, and Glassjaw. Although this is looking to be the tour of the year (and a nice contrast from the awful Glamour Kills Tour), I just wish Brand New did not have to go through LiveNation in order to book the tour. It just goes to show what a strangle hold LiveNation has on the industry. I’m dying to see Brand New but hesitant to support the conglomerate that threatens the medium I love.

Aside from that, it is nice to see Brand New on tour again. Dates are listed below:

Oct. 1st Time Warner Cable Amphitheater Cleveland, OH*
2nd The Fillmore Detroit, MI*
3rd Aragon Ballroom Chicago, IL*
4th Myth Nightclub St. Paul, MN*
6th The Pageant St. Louis, MO*
7th Uptown Theatre Kansas City, MO*
8th Fillmore Auditorium Denver, CO*
9th Salt Palace Conv. Center Salt Lake City, UT*
13th Roseland Theatre Portland, OR*
15th Rabobank Arena & Conv. Center Bakersfield, CA*
16th Event Center at San Jose State Univ. San Jose, CA*
17th Hollywood Palladium Los Angeles, CA*
20th House of Blues San Diego, CA*
21st House of Blues San Diego, CA*
22nd Mesa Amphitheatre Mesa, AZ*
23rd House of Blues Las Vegas, NV*
25th Lonestar Amphitheater Lubbock, TX†
27th Stubb’s BBQ Austin, TX†
29th Cain’s Ballroom Tulsa, OK†
30th The Palladium Ballroom Dallas, TX†
31st Verizon Wireless Theater Houston, TX†
Nov. 4th House of Blues Lake Buena Vista, FL†
5th The Ritz Tampa, FL†
7th House of Blues North Myrtle Beach, SC†
9th The Fillmore Charlotte Charlotte, NC†
10th The National Richmond, VA†
11th Sonar Baltimore, MD†
13th The NorVa Norfolk, VA†
14th Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA†
15th Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA^
17th House of Blues Boston, MA^
18th House of Blues Boston, MA^
20th Olympia De Montreal Montreal, QC^
21st Kool Haus Toronto, ONT^
22nd Kool Haus Toronto, ONT^
24th Main Street Armory Rochester, NY^
25th Chevrolet Theatre Wallingford, CT^
28th Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum Uniondale, NY^

* = Manchester Orchestra
† = Thrice
^ = Glassjaw

Possible Brand New Demo Sunday, Jul 19 2009 

A demo claiming itself to be from Brand New’s new album Daisy hit the internet yesterday. Listen to it:

Now, I have to say, if this is a demo from Daisy, I am rather disappointed. Brand New made such a huge step between their second album (Deja Entendu) and their most recent effort (The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me) that it should not be much to ask from fans for Brand New to present another great album, even if it is not the best of their career. They have earned a certain amount of wiggle room. However, this demo sounds like something the band would have written six years ago. Digression from a band of Brand New’s stature and noteriority is rather sad  to see.

But if this is not from Brand New, I would like to see the band that put it together, as it is a solid demo for a young band. Yup, it is a double standard. I expect more from Brand New and so should you.

Brand New/Glassjaw Show NOT a Hoax Tuesday, Jul 14 2009 

According to emails sent out last night/this morning, the Brand New show in Long Island featuring Glassjaw is not a hoax but has been moved due to scheduling conflicts with an Islanders game. Although Brand New don’t appear to be nearly as big assholes as they would’ve if the show had indeed been a hoax, it’s still ridiculous that they would leave their fans in the dark about it for two days. Most bands would immediately be on the horn trying to solve the problem and let everyone know what was going on but not Brand New; they’re too mystic for that. Brand New, while an impressive band, shows a near comical lack of respect for their fans. Perhaps when their new album, Daisy, drops, their fans will once again forgive all the band’s transgressions over the past three years and fall in love with Lacey and Co. again.

Review – Brand New – The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me Monday, Jul 13 2009 

In a recent interview, Jesse Lacey, the frontman of Brand New and the biggest underground icon in the world, stated that he has never made a dime on record sales. Of course, that’s not an uncommon statement for a singer to make these days. However, when your band has headlined festivals like Bamboozle, Big Day Out, Download, Give It A Name, and Warped Tour one would assume you’d be able to pull a little scratch. However, when it comes to Brand New, staying underground has proven to be exactly what’s best for them. Without the hassle of mainstream expectations, Lacey has been free to let his project grow from pop-punk, to emo, to a sound all their own. This new sound was showcased on 2006’s The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me. Brand New took their music to a completely new level, raising the bar for every other underground band.

The album starts small, with Lacey mumbling about losing all his friends to drinking and driving while playing a simple four chord progression on “Sowing Season (Yeah)”. Then, with one trademark scream, the fullness of the record is showcased. The same four chords that were soft and simple just five seconds ago are now grand, displaying a clear difference between loud and noisy, where many bands today have seemed to forgotten that the difference between the two is important. This is where Brand New is at some of their best as the next track, “Millstone” continues this trend. On “Jesus Christ”, Brand New turn down the volume to display their lyrical prowess as Lacey sings “Jesus Christ, I’m not scared to die/But I’m a little bit scared of what comes after”. Following is Brand New’s best work, “Degausser”, showcasing the controlled emotion Brand New possesses. In between the laments of a ghostly chorus, Lacey expresses his intense loneliness through the use of a three-part scream chorus. This distinction between loud and soft, anger and loneliness, is what makes Brand New so special. They even still have a little punk sensibility in them as displayed on “The Archers Bows Are Broken” and “You Won’t Know”. The record closes with “Handcuffs” showing Brand New at their softest, sweetest.

Overall rating: 9.3/10