Billy Talent III is the third self-titled album from Canadian alt-rockers Billy Talent. The album is full of straight-to-the-point rock and roll songs, purposely avoiding any unnecessary pomp. Although that sounds refreshing, it is closer to boring. At best, Billy Talent III comes off just as blandly as the past two Green Day albums, leaving the listener uninterested but with the distinct feeling that someone, somewhere, would probably really love this music.

Speaking of Green Day, the album’s highpoint, “Tears Into Wine”, sounds a little like a bad cover of an American Idiot b-side. For anyone who desires nothing more from their music than electric guitar riffs and punk vocals, songs like “Turn Your Back” and “Sudden Movements” will be appreciated. However, if you need a little more from your music, do not look towards Billy Talent III.

Released: July 9th, 2009

Overall rating: 4.5/10