I’m going to give Tom DeLonge some credit here and say this trailer looks extremely well put together. Also, this film is a project DeLonge has been talking about since the early days of the Blink-182 break up, making it roughly six years in the making. To finally see it coming around must be incredible for DeLonge. However, his interviews in this video just cofirm that he’s a little bit of a huge douche. There’s a difference between having lofty aspirations and having delusions of granduer and Tom seems to be wearing the latter on his sleeve. He is basically claiming that he will change the foundation of music as we know it. Now, Angels & Airwaves is not as bad as jilted Blink-182 fans would have you believe but they are not going to be that band. They simply do not have the originality.

All that being said, I’m pumped. Congrats, DeLonge, you have (kinda) won me over.