Click on the link above and you will be taken to one of the most ridiculous posts ever made by a musician. The musician is Ace Enders and the bulletin is titled “Maybe” with a lone period serving as its body. And now, my favorite part of being part of the online internet community; watching the forums and blogs explode trying to decode overly cryptic bullshit from self-indulgent musicians. Is it too much to ask for a musicna to give legitimate updates about what is going on what their careers? If Ace Enders is trying to hint at a tour or a new album, why can’t he just say, “Hey guys. I’m thinking about touring.”?

I can’t blame him though. The internet music community is filled with mostly borderline-ADD kids who want to believe their musicians are larger-than-life idols. Often times, the only way to keep them intrigued is to keep them wondering about something. Jesse Lacey has been doing it for years. Still, I’d much rather follow bands who are a little more down to Earth. Is that too much to ask?