According to Radiohead’s blog, which I always have open in a browser tab, Thom Yorke has decided to name his new band Atoms for Peace. The band, who played a few kick ass shows awhile back, was put together to play material from Thom’s 2006 electro-rock album The Eraser. The band includes such awesome folks as Radiohead/Beck producer Nigel Godrich and slap-bass icon Flea. The band also announced some new shows, including a performance at Coachella, which is shaping up to be one of the best festivals in recent memory. Still, I know a lot of people are going to clutch their chest, their breath caught up in their lungs, at the idea of Thom Yorke continuing his involvement with a band that is not named Radiohead. Before you start calling “breakup,” keep in mind that Radiohead have been working diligently on their new album, and have semi-guaranteed a release date sometime this year. If we only get one more album out of the band, I certainly won’t be depressed. We’re talking about the most important band of the 21st century. I think they’ve earned the right to call it quits whenever they want, if that’s what they’re planning.