This morning, at the age of 32, actress Brittany Murphy was found unconscious in her shower. Paramedics soon discovered that she was in full cardiac arrest. She was pronounced dead upon arrival to the hospital. At such a relatively young age, it is pretty surprising to hear this news, as I don’t know of anyone who was expecting. I’m no expert on acting, nor am I a movie buff, and I never particularly enjoyed any of Murphy’s movies (with the exception of 8 Mile), so I’m not going to bother pretending that her death is a huge tragedy. Still, while reading her wikipedia page, I saw that she had recorded some music, so I figured why not check some of it out. The result: 2006’s #1 dance hit, “Faster Kill Pussycat” from Paul Oakenfold’s album, A Lively Mind.

I’m probably the best equipped Decomposed writer to give this song a Quick Listen. Electronic pop makes up a pretty big chunk of what I listen to lately. So how does Brittany Murphy’s music compare to her acting? The truth is, it’s about the same: not offensively bad, but never hovering too high above average. Murphy’s voice is one that doesn’t seem quite designed for making thrilling music. She lacks both the raw talent to impress music purists and the spunky attitude to attract long-term pop radio success. Musically, the track’s verses sit boringly atop the back-beat and bass-line, neither quite big enough to excite the listener for the chorus. It’s for the best though, considering the chorus underwhelms to the point where I wasn’t quite sure if it was actually the chorus, or a pre-chorus of sorts. It’s not all bad though. With riskier production techniques, more dynamic mixing, and some affects tossed on Murphy’s voice, I can see this track being a fairly good hype song. I’m sure the pre-GaGa music listener didn’t mind though.

RIP, Brittany Murphy.