This just in: Lil’ Wayne’s rock-influenced, auto-tuned, synth-hop “album” Rebirth has been shipped a month and a half early by Amazon. Just when we were all starting to really get into No Ceilings, why did we have to reminded that this potential disaster exists? It has been a year in the making and, admittedly, every song that leaks sounds a little better than the last, but with an upcoming prison sentence, I’d hate for the last thing we hear from Lil’ Wayne to be a misguided effort at experimentalism.

On paper, this album sounds… awful? Or awesome? I’m not sure yet. Collaborations with Coldplay, Fall Out Boy, and Eminem will pepper the album, whose sound seems to be that of U2 if they were mixing uppers and downers while playing with their feet through broken amps. At this point, it is really hard to tell if this album will be a success, but by tomorrow morning it will have leaked, so I guess we’ll all just have to go to sleep and hope this is all just a bad dream. If it isn’t, we’ll somehow make it through together.