Rivers Cuomo

You're making me love you again, Rivers.

According to several sources more reputable than myself, Rivers Cuomo is finally in the studio working on that deluxe edition of Pinkerton that he promised us a few months back. The album will feature all of Pinkerton, Weezer’s 1996 cult-hit, as well as some b-sides. If Rivers is smart (which he only seems to be half of the time) he’ll include at least a few tracks from the lost album Songs from the Black Hole, which I personally consider to be emo’s version of SMiLE. Thanks to the world wide internets, the most rabid of fans have probably already heard most or all of Songs from the Black Hole. Cuomo’s planned follow-up to Pinkerton was meant to be the nerdiest, most epically lame rock opera ever constructed. Unfortunately, Pinkerton’s critical failure sent Rivers into a state of mind not suited to finish the record. Now, we may actually get some decent recordings of some of the songs, just as we did on Rivers’ two demo albums.

On the other hand, maybe Rivers will change all the lyrics on Pinkerton to songs about partying.