For my money, the greatest band of all time.

For my money, the greatest band of all time.

It’s no hidden secret that I’m a huge fan of Neutral Milk Hotel. Well, today as I was Googling them (as I do at least once every 45 minutes) I came across an article on Paste Magazine’s website concerning an upcoming vinyl re-issue of Neutral Milk Hotel’s two LP’s On Avery Island and the stunningly beautiful In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. Now, these two albums are not rare. Aeroplane has been steadily maintaining sales since 1998. So, why the re-issue? Well, if you’d allow me to get my hopes up, I’ll let you know what I think.

You see, this blog post is just one of many that is being posted on the subject. Pitchfork, AbsolutePunk, the aforemention Paste Magazine, and many other higher level music websites are also covering the story. It seems like a lot of hubbub for something that does not seem to be that big of a deal. Neutral Milk Hotel really doesn’t need the publicity at this point, right?

Wrong. Ladies and gentlemen, this could be it. Jeff Mangum, the leading force behind Neutral Milk Hotel, may finally be returning for a tour or an album. What better way to refresh the public’s memory of the band than by re-issuing both their albums? This is a premature assumption, yes, but I’m easily excitable and I run a music blog. It’s my job to speculate.

Here’s to hope.