With a band like this, Im surprised that Im surprised the new title is so dorky.

With a band like this, I'm surprised that I'm surprised the new title is so dorky.

According to Interscope’s website, Weezer’s seventh studio album will be titled Raditude. I find myself a little conflicted on this title. Adorable dorkiness has been a part of Weezer’s appeal since they first hit the scene with The Blue Album, so it’s only to be expected that the band would retain some of that nerdy appeal. However, I saw the band’s latest album, The Red Album, as a kind of growing up record, one that signaled the band have moved past the teenage dorkdome and had, instead, adopted a much more mature, self-aware lameness, like that of a 40 year-old father of two living through a midlife crisis. While this album title does not necessarily rule out that theory, when coupled with the live songs we have heard so far and the leaked single (which has been pulled from YouTube for copyright violations), I find myself worried that Weezer are now backtracking to the overly shallow pop-rock of The Green Album.

Hey Weezer, if you’re going to backtrack, why not just jump all the way back to Pinkerton?