Pretend to be angry! Now, pretend to be a band!

"Pretend to be angry! Now, pretend to be a band!"

Paramore’s new video for “Ignorance” recently premiered on and reminded me of all the reasons why I dislike this band. Paramore is not the worst band in the world, I suppose. I can admit that there were some sugary sweet pop tunes on their last album, Riot, that I found worthy of “guilty pleasure” status. Hayley Williams has a voice designed for radio plays. If their management just accepted that fact and marketed them as such, I could probably happily ignore Paramore just like I do most other pop-rock bands on the radio (I’m looking at you, We The Kings).

The thing that bothers me about Paramore is the pretense through which they are presented to their audience. This video is a perfect example of that. The insufferable rambling of renown music industry puppet James Montgomery tries to claim the band is maturing in their sound after having a very rough time writing their second record*, as evidenced by the band now wearing darker clothes. Seriously. Darker clothes and a change in haircuts does not a more mature band make. The band’s sound is still exactly as it was on the last record, which sold pretty well. Why, then, does Paramore’s label/management feel the need to pretend as if Paramore had this amazing resurgence as a group? There is something just a little too “storybook” about the band’s claim of the inner-conflict, which despite being dense enough to threaten the band’s future, was magically solved in one day, with enough time left over to write a catchy, radio friendly single.

I’m not buying the story. James Montgomery, MTV, and Paramore will continue to gladly sell this fable to whatever moron will buy it though. I will at least take solace in the fact that there are some who know the truth; Paramore are not a band, they are prostitutes.

*Edit: As many angry thirteen year old girls have pointed out to me over the past five hours, brand new eyes will actually be Paramore’s third shitty album, not their second. I forgot to mention their debut CD, All We Know is Failing Falling.