Wasnt a just bitching about artwork with text on it?

Wasn't I just bitching about artwork with text on it?

As any long time reader of this blog knows, I think very highly of The Matches. Hell, this blog is practically named after their sophomore album, which so audaciously raised the standards for a pop-punk record, I am hestitant to group it in that very limited genre. Their breakup is what gave me the courage to jump into the blogging world without looking back (and it has been an extremely rewarding journey thus far). For inspiring me not to let my dreams fail before my organs, I cannot hype this band enough. Therefore, it’s with great pleasure that I plug what may be their final release as a band; an album of rarities and b-sides known simply as the Matches album 4, unreleased; graphics? title? or not needed?.

Track Listing
1. It’s My Day
2. Wicked Walk
3. Like Yesterday
4. Here’s to Love (acoustic)
5. I Tried (So Hard)
6. Needs and Wants
7. 50 Altered States
8. If Nothing Else
9. Nothing’s Going On
10. My Doe, Part 1 (acoustic)