News from The Matches’ camp keeps pouring in tonight. According to a bulletin posted on the band’s MySpace, The Matches are looking to release a fourth album of “unreleased tracks, demos, and acoustic songs”. The Matches were a band that transcended genres, combining pop-punk, indie, and alternative elements to create a classy form a guitar rock. They are a band that will truly be missed and I am sure this album will make for a solid addition to The Matches’ already wonderfully solid catalog.

We’ve read all the comments and posts since announcing our hiatus and
have noticed the many requests for the release of more music. And we
hear you loud and clear.

Originally we had planned to share just a few tunes, but from your
heartfelt responses, we’ve decided to release a full album of 10 songs
to purchase: unreleased tracks, demos, and acoustic songs that had
very limited release.

For your immediate enjoyment, we are looking for the best way to offer
this album for sale directly to you as digital downloads immediately. We welcome
any comments or suggestions on the best online music-buying sites.

Email your suggestions to:

We hope you enjoy the songs. Our thanks to you.
the Matches