Welcome to the very first edition of a new feature for the Decomposed Blog. This is called Quick Listen, in which I choose a band I am not  too familiar with, read their wiki page, and watch one of their videos on YouTube. I do this for two reason: 1. To further expand my musical knowledge and 2. To prove to the nostaligia-lovers that, although our generation has lost certain aspects of the musical experience, what we have gained is much more valuable. With the use of the internet, I am able to learn a decent amount of info about an artist and hear a sample of their music, all within seconds and all for free. It is a beautiful thing and anyone who denies that needs to go back to arguing about why Mineral is one of the best bands of all time on AbsolutePunk’s forums and leave the music loving to those who care about, well, the music. Anyway, let’s get into it.

This is P.O.S., a punk rocker turned rapper. “Drumroll” seems to be quite the anthem, with one of the sickest samples I’ve heard in awhile. Lyrically, P.O.S. is tight, squeezing plenty of impressive internal rhyme into his lines, although at times it seems as if he spits more syllables than are really necessary. P.O.S. will, no doubt, impress fans of pop-punk, who will gladly namedrop him to prove that they “listen to all types of music, even rap, as long as it’s intelligent.” Lucky for him though, P.O.S. actually does seem to have legitimate talent and drive. Although he has chosen to market his records to a fanbase that does not buy as many albums as fans of mainstream hip-hop do, I hope P.O.S. sticks around a lot longer and continues to bridge the gap between hip-hop and punk rock.

Also, this album really makes me want Lil’ Wayne’s Rebirth.