During a recent festival in Korea, Weezer took the time to break out three brand new songs for the adoring audience. Luckily, someone was able to get some fantastic footage of the songs. However, it only serves to, once again, disappoint Weezer fans. As I have said before, I don’t mind The Red Album. I thought it was a solid transitional record that suffered from having songs that were not written by frontman Rivers Cuomo. Although preliminary reports suggest that Cuomo is the sole writter of the new record, these songs are some of the worst I have ever heard from Weezer. Lame guitar riffs are coupled with ridiculous titles (at his age, I sincerely doubt Cuomo “Can’t Stop Partying”).

Then again, Cuomo has always had a habit of not knowing which of his songs are the best. Maybe there are better songs on the album that the band simply does not think are that good. Either way, my never-ceasing optimism when it comes to Weezer will, undoubtedly, beat out my disappointment in the new material I have heard thus far.