Some women are in relationships with jerks who constantly hurt them. Every now and then, they find the courage to leave the guy but whenever he asks for forgiveness and a second chance, the woman gives in. This analogy perfectly describes my relationship with Weezer. Every few years, the band puts out a new album and every few years, I promise myself I will not get excited about the next one. Although The Red Album turned out to be a semi-solid release, it still was extremely disappointing, especially considering the strength of the lead off single, “Pork and Beans”. Well, here we go again. This was just posted on Weezer’s official website:

Weezer’s 7th studio album, release date and title to be announced
* 1st single and video from the new album
* a to-be-announced special non-physical release
* weezer APE online radio station (as announced recently)
* Pinkerton: The Deluxe Edition (at last – if all goes as planned)
* more good things!

Again, I am thrilled by the prospect of a new record (and a deluxe edition of Pinkerton). The Red Album seemed to present a band in transition. It is possible, nay, hopeful that Weezer have found the sound they were looking for on the last LP. I will buy it, of course, and I will probably be disappointed but I love Weezer too much to give up on them.