A demo claiming itself to be from Brand New’s new album Daisy hit the internet yesterday. Listen to it:

Now, I have to say, if this is a demo from Daisy, I am rather disappointed. Brand New made such a huge step between their second album (Deja Entendu) and their most recent effort (The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me) that it should not be much to ask from fans for Brand New to present another great album, even if it is not the best of their career. They have earned a certain amount of wiggle room. However, this demo sounds like something the band would have written six years ago. Digression from a band of Brand New’s stature and noteriority is rather sad  to see.

But if this is not from Brand New, I would like to see the band that put it together, as it is a solid demo for a young band. Yup, it is a double standard. I expect more from Brand New and so should you.