After getting butt hurt over some comments over at, Max Bemis posted an update on facebook, bashing the “nay nays” (aka, people who don’t like Say Anything) and thanking his fans for being awesome. He also posted a video of an acoustic version of an early Say Anything song called “Colorblind”, performing the song for the first time since he was in high school. The quote is as follows:

I was casually visiting and i went to a thread about say anything, namely about the song titles for our next record. i do this once and a while but less than you’d think; i am just weary of “nay nay”.

for your information, “nay nay” is a say anything inner-band term we use for senseless b.s with very little foundation that assumes itself to be the end all be all truth (i.e when you’re at a party and someone says jay z is there and everyone starts to say that he’s 100% there or coming and by the end it just turns out it was a rumor.) nay nay can also apply to the crap puked up by people who think that they need to force their opinion on others. there’s a lot of nay nay in the world so, like i said, i try to avoid say anything threads so i don’t get butt-hurt; i am a sensitive dude (which many posters forget some creative people are and proceed to bash them or make rude comments about the loves of their lives JUST SAYIN’). i am always worried that if i start reading i won’t be able to stop and i’ll end up a self loathing bulimic who just sits in front of the computer whipping myself with a belt and weeping, shamelessly addicted to the endless train of nay nay.

anyway, i went regardless. i was THRILLED to find that you guys are still super nice about our band. with a lot of bands that stick around and do reasonably well, you tend to get a lot more “overrated” or “i liked them when he was fatter” type posts but generally you guys are still totally rad…..

i love you all. those who said they were stoked, even those who said they liked our first record more, or only like the second disc of our second record; hey, you’re allowed! we partially made this new record to win you fickle sons of guns back. plus If you’re one of the many people I saw who have consistently liked ALL our output, i still think this will be your favorite say anything record.

i just have to again flat out thank all the fans of our band for the amazing experience you keep creating for us. i will never underplay how much i owe you guys and i promise we’ll have new music up for you to hear as soon as we’re allowed. I can 100 percent guarantee the new record exists… so don’t worry!

Until then, since you guys are being so patient, I thought I’d finally shut the heck up and play a real old say anything song for you guys. i haven’t played this or any old say anything song since i was in high school and you guys are always bugging me to do it, so here you go. I hope you like it, and again….THANK YOU.

More updates to come.

-Beems Von Beemenstein

Put your headphones on (the audio is really quiet) and then click here to watch the video…