In response to a story posted earlier (, David Pritchard, who helps run this very blog, has posted an open letter to Say Anything’s lead singer, Max Bemis. The blog post touches on all the issues that myself, David, and others have been seeing in Say Anything in recent months.

Like I said, I did once love Say Anything. I thought “Admit It!!!” was ME, and that I was the good guy in a sea of evildoing scene haters. But I have moved beyond that point in my life, Max. I have grown up and now I understand that polarizing and divisive rhetoric is nothing but hurtful and stupid. You, Max, are hurtful and stupid, transitively. I don’t need to like your band to be open-minded; I don’t need to hate your band to be cool. In fact, I can be quite cool without hating your band. I contend that I was before, and I’d love for you to point out what changed so drastically that makes me a reprehensible human being because I no longer like Say Anything. Until then, I will spread “nay nay” by disagreeing with you and your attempts to create a hegemony of opinion.

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